Monday, August 17, 2015

Summer activities...

What a busy summer!

I’ve been super busy this summer, and checking things off my “to do” list. 

Busy the month of June as director of VBS decor, then church office graphics (banners, bulletins and flyers), we finally came near finish line on the master bath renovation, started in May (well, actually maybe last September?)… 

Waterfall scene in the baptistry
The suspended "tree fort" in the rain forest
Winning float in the Fathoms of Fun Parade
Our eldest daughter, Charity, got her RN degree in June and passed her boards in July.
SO PROUD of Charity completing
 her degree and passing her RN boards this summer!

Our eldest great granddaughter, Rain, celebrated her first birthday.

July was “finish the great grandbaby Lyla’s memory book” project. 

In the midst, I finally, found time last week to sit on my patio and watercolor for just a bit… There! That's better! Now I feel refreshed! I needed to slow down and enjoy what’s left of this summer. It was like a mini-retreat for me to watercolor for just a little bit! 

DO the things you love… it’s refreshing! 

Still on the project list: painting of the front door and shutters before our Pacific NW fall rains prevent it, and build shelves over the toilet in the master bath so I can find our bedroom again. 

No time for a vacation this year... good thing we took that getaway in May to Clarkston WA. 

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