Monday, July 14, 2014

NW Trek with Grandsons

We were trying to find a day we could spend with two of the grandsons that did not get to spend time with us for their birthdays. Since Austyn (11) is here for the summer with his daddy, we wanted to include him. He is so close to the ages of Jesse (9) and Reuben (12), so they all got along pretty well.

Our original plan was to take them to the ocean, but they are already going there with mom soon. We considered taking them to Wenatchee to see Lisa's Cupcake Blues shop...  (Pastor Blue's daughter) that would take too much out of our day or require an overnight.

Last week we stumbled upon NW Trek as an option and found it would be "just right" for a day trip, being just over an hour away, toward Mt Rainier.

Jesse, Austyn and Reuben enjoyed all the different animals.
The black bears were pacing their space.

No skating allowed in this buffalo herd... there are twins at the center!
Mama stayed in close proximity to her "little ones" (less than 2 mo old)
From the tram, we saw the resident herd of Elk laying in the sun.
I tried to capture the boys in some of the photos for the blog,
 and some of the better photos can be use for my designs that are developing.

Twin black tail fawns, across the road from their mama.

This handsome curly horn sheep came right up to the
tram to have his photo taken!

The boys on a fallen log: Reuben, Jesse (seated), Austyn

Grandpa joined the boys for the next photo.

Al caught this solar flare shot from the path.
 Hope we can do this park again! The weather was BEAUTIFUL for it! At the very end, as we headed for the ice cream cart, Mt St Helens appeared when the clouds finally lifted! AWESOME sight!

Although it was a LONG day, we really enjoyed the visit with the boys and hope we can plan an outing soon with other grandkids.