Monday, August 17, 2015

Summer activities...

What a busy summer!

I’ve been super busy this summer, and checking things off my “to do” list. 

Busy the month of June as director of VBS decor, then church office graphics (banners, bulletins and flyers), we finally came near finish line on the master bath renovation, started in May (well, actually maybe last September?)… 

Waterfall scene in the baptistry
The suspended "tree fort" in the rain forest
Winning float in the Fathoms of Fun Parade
Our eldest daughter, Charity, got her RN degree in June and passed her boards in July.
SO PROUD of Charity completing
 her degree and passing her RN boards this summer!

Our eldest great granddaughter, Rain, celebrated her first birthday.

July was “finish the great grandbaby Lyla’s memory book” project. 

In the midst, I finally, found time last week to sit on my patio and watercolor for just a bit… There! That's better! Now I feel refreshed! I needed to slow down and enjoy what’s left of this summer. It was like a mini-retreat for me to watercolor for just a little bit! 

DO the things you love… it’s refreshing! 

Still on the project list: painting of the front door and shutters before our Pacific NW fall rains prevent it, and build shelves over the toilet in the master bath so I can find our bedroom again. 

No time for a vacation this year... good thing we took that getaway in May to Clarkston WA. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


 Deep cleaning this morning, I opened a decorative box on my dresser and discovered letters, photos and announcements from 1987-1989.

Love letters to mommy from Charity​, who was getting married that summer, a few from Joyce​, Ruth​ and even my last letter from my Grandma in April 1989, who passed away that June. There were wedding (Lynn Strong​) and funeral announcements (Grandma). My sister, Vicki, wrote to us regularly about her family life with her only daughter, Audry.

Debi Montgomery, the maid of honor with Charity

Sister bridesmaids with Charity and Debi and me.
Mrs Krause greeting Ruth, me with Al and Scott's parents, Brownie and Roy

The letters from Charity around the time of her wedding and becoming a mama are so precious. I don't remember the last time I saw these and there were many tears of remembrance and joy.

Back then, it was pretty certain that I would get a phone call daily from each of the girls after they left home. By noon, the last of the four would make contact.

These days the phone doesn't ring. Sometimes we get a text message or photo. We try to follow what's happening in their homes via Facebook, and see some of them in church (the highlight of my day, if I get to see them and collect a hug if they get close enough).

I miss those old days, but also cherish the memories they are making today with their own families.

Did you save any old letters and cards? Find them and spend some time with your memories. Perhaps you should write a journal today about those precious yesterdays before the memories get filed away again!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Pet Hill

Checkerboard, aka Checkers, on his last morning
John 11:36, "Then said the Jews, Behold how he loved him!"

Digging a hole near Dominoes
Today, after 17 1/2 very good years, we retired our faithful old dog, Checkerboard, to Pet Hill. He became too frail to take care of himself and began to fall over from time to time.

Checkers has not been wanting his treats for a few days, so when he began to stumble, we knew his time was nearly up. It was a very difficult decision to give him this much needed rest.

Cuddles with Al one last day. Charming wants some too.
It was good therapy for Al to dig the grave for him, bringing the realization fully to us that he was leaving us today. The vet had a noon opening, so Al dug the grave early in the day before we went to the vet's. Checker's remains now rest on the hill beside his playful companions, Domino and Tiki kitty. The hill sits along the pathway to our neighborhood play field, and can be viewed from our family room and kitchen.

Such a little box for such a BIG HEART!
The sobs in the room were more audible than we both expected. Cuddling him to the end, Al comforted Checkers as he was administered the lethal injection. We said "good night" today to our Checkers for the very last time.

We went through a lot of dogs before Checkers found us, and he was worth the years and expenses he gave us. We had him longer than half our grandchildren!

You will be MISSED by many! Good night, good boy!

The kitty statue and soon two pup statues.