Saturday, September 26, 2009

Wedding album preparations...

I have enjoyed viewing and editing the photos for the wedding album. I love the way Photoshop makes some very unique applications to an already lovely photo.

Friday, September 18, 2009

The REST of the FAIR

Hubby and I went to the Puyallup Fair on Monday, our day off. We walked around and did NOT ride any rides this year. We were able to take in some of the sights that children are not interested in. I did not get photos of the quilts this year, but they were beautiful and intricate, as always. The quilts are a "MUST SEE" every year for me. At lunch time we shared the HUGE half-pound "Earth Quake" burger with fries again. [We did not need another meal all day!]

The first stop, however, was the Floral Hall...WOW! Check this out! The landscape would "work" in my yard, but would require too much "work" to get it, I am thinking!

OOH, the Dahlias of all colors in a panorama of "eye candy". [Why don't we have dahlias in our yard? Oh, yeah... "work" required!]

After the floral exhibit, we headed to the hobby hall for my yearly cribbage challenge. I started this three years ago just to see how well I would do against the "club members" of our area. For three years straight I have won the game... I am amazed, myself! [I don't feel I am that great a player!]

We try to see a few "free shows" every year. This year we caught the "Doggies of the Wild West" and "Roberto the Magnificent" a comedy/magic act. (No picture of Roberto this year.)

I was one of the "audience participants" in the "Jest in Time" act, too. (see below)

All in all, it was a great day... mild, sunshiny kind of day! The Lord is GOOD!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Just Fishin'

Last year we could not find the "free fishing" and Nathan was so disappointed that he would be too old to fish this year.

This year as we waited in line with the little boys and girls, we noted they allowed up to age 14 this year and we called Nathan to the line. YAY! He caught a rainbow trout!

Other videos uploaded to Youtube:

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A "Fair" to Remember

On 9-11 the Puyallup Fair opened and, as we try to do every year, Charity and I escorted her eleven children to the opening day activities and exhibits.

Our number one reason for going on opening day is to save money on entrance fees, since we normally get in "free". We accomplished this feat again this time.

Charity's kids range in age from 3-20, so there is a variety of activities that we can all do together, and also other activities for which we split the group and then meet up later for another group activity. Its a fun, but exhausting LONG day for us.

Here are some of the highlights our our ten hour excursion.

The older children helped with the younger children, as always. Here Jon was carrying Savannah during our lunch break under a shady tree. Yep, that is OREO cookies all over her face and soon to be in Jon's hair! There is not enough shady benches so we "walked on the grass" and made ourselves at home.

At lunch break, Roy, the oldest, scoped out his plan of attack for his next excursion.

Trout fishing for the kids ages 5-14. They all caught one! YAY!
Here is Kenny trying.

We love to look at all God's creatures and were surprised to find this full tailed turkey amid the critters this year. Even the ducks were a treat for us! (I guess we don't "get out much".)

Charles wanted to go on the ferris wheel, and the others went in two other directions. So he and I went up alone. He was amazed at the views! (Later he went with his siblings again.)

Savannah, the youngest, was thrilled to ride a horse on the merry-go-round after her long nap (and our own "rest time" in the shade.)

The miniature horses were popular with all the kids, but petting them was the greatest treat, instead of just "viewing" them behind fences.

Reuben thought it was great to pet this baby elephant (Ok, it was just a placard creature, but at least there was NO DANGER involved!)

Abby wanted to climb the rock wall again. This time we were able to get it on video.

Hope you get to "DO the Puyallup" when you are in the area some September! Its definitely one of the funnest outings in the Great NW!