Sunday, June 15, 2014

Father's Day - A Memorable Day and a Great LAUGH

For Father's Day this year, I decided to extract his bike from the photo of our front yard and make him a special card. (He plans to frame it for his office!)

A few weeks ago he came home grinning and told me he discovered why he likes riding that Triumph so much... it made him feel so YOUNG!

Since then we decide to name the bike "Fountain of Youth". Appropriate, I know! 

He was SO happy to get the special card and the mug that I personalized with the words, "You Make Me Feel So YOUNG" on one side. He was so excited! He planned to use the mug at the office so it would not get into the dishwasher by mistake, and ruin the special phrase on it.

Later that morning we went to the office to prepare for services, and he went down the hall to get us a cup of coffee. As he returned to the office, I noticed the cup was losing it's black color quickly. He gasped, "I wondered what it meant by "REVEAL" mug!"

OH, NO! I was so embarrassed! I did NOT see that "REVEAL" feature mentioned and had no idea what that meant, if I did!  (I may have to add more vinyl to "clothe" her!)

I guess he WON'T keep this at the office. Not everyone would understand the "joke". :)