Friday, December 31, 2010

Truly a GIFT...

The big news for me in 2011 is that I will return to college after over 35 years!! I have some apprehensions, of course. The main apprehension is that I will not "miss" any critical information in the class.

I have only 20% of my hearing left. Although the hearing aids give me closer to normal hearing, I have lost much of the clarification and sound distinctions that are needed to form "words" that I am hearing. Many words sound too similar, and I cannot always "guess" what is being said.

For Christmas this year, my husband found an amazing gift for me. Truly, it's simply wonderful how helpful it will be in college! The PULSE Smart Pen is a mini-computer that will RECORD my notes in class WHILE recording the lecture in audio! When I return home, I will plug the pen into my laptop and will have a visual AND audio copy of the class session!

Now that extreme apprehension of "missing" vital information due to my severe hearing loss is MINIMIZED. You cannot imagine how much stress is lessened with the knowledge that I can REPEAT the information without asking over and over!

(BIG SIGH)... What a THOUGHTFUL GIFT! He knows me pretty good, huh?