Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turkey Trot, Big Bird and fun for all!

Big Bird came to our house today... and we ate him!

Starting out the day, Al ran the 5K Turkey Trot race in a nearby town. He finished at 27 min 19 sec!! There were 1500-2000 runners and he was in the top 100 or so.

While we were at the race, we left grandson, Jon at the house to put BIG BIRD in the oven on time. The bird was 23.95 pounds! HUGE! (and no leftovers, either!)

I made the family favorite munchie: Sausage rolls. Basically they are breakfast sausage rolled in pie dough... yum!

In this photo l to r: Abby, Ruth, Al, Charity, Jon, Pearl and Sally.

Jesse discovered binoculars make for interesting views at the table, even backwards at times!

Abby observes Charles aiming at me, aiming at him! Most of the older boys brought their "weapon toys" and were in the park behind our house most of the day, playing war. Nephew Josh was able to come and he spent some good time with his cousins in the park.

Alice brought a puzzle to assemble, and she helped Joy before we put on the Stardust movie.

Savannah said, "I'm helping!!" and did some interesting placements! Note the food buffet was visited all day long! They ate pie all day and still had leftovers! Good meal planning!

We had a wonderful and interesting day with the 25 people able to come. We were thankful to God for all his bountiful blessings on our little corner of the world. He is GOOD to give us these wonderful gifts of family time.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hazardous LIFE!

When this event happened, the first thing I did was lay down before I could pass out! As I laid there I thought I should get downstairs and get ice on my face! My sister was arriving in a few days and I would likely have a black eye!

SEE!?! I TOLD you dusting was dangerous (right, girls?)

[This is a true story... the names have NOT been changed to protect the stupid.]

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sisters are for loving!

My sister, Jan, tagged along with her husband, Chuck, on a business trip and we were able to spend some time together at last! All my girls cleared their schedule to spend a few hours with her and the tea room seemed the perfect choice with no husbands or sons around! It was a sweet gathering and Jan was elated to spend some quality talking time with all of them.

We MUST do this again! When can you come by again, Jan?

Thank you, Chuck, for bringing her with you! It was good to remember the OLD TIMES again!

We took time to get breakfast before they left for Chuck's job.

Jan is passionate about Weight Watchers and her loss of 30 pounds! Good job, Jan!

Jan and I went to the Tea Room with all four of my girls and the three oldest granddaughters. WHAT FUN!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Digital art when I'm not scrapping...

Well, I don't have lots of time to scrap this week, but I have been using my digital skills at the office! This is the insert for tomorrow's bulletin and visitor letters.

At least I can stay "in practice" if I can't scrap!