Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wedding pics...

This cake photo gives you a view of the inlet from the patio. A very lovely garden wedding location! Although all the "plans" did not go as planned, Plan B worked just as well in the gap.

A quick photo of the non-posing bride and groom.

They actually took time to eat dinner!

And they cut the cake you heard about, without making a total mess of themselves!

Yep, got ourselves another son! Welcome, Jesse!

Ruth and Jesse's wedding!

The bridesmaids in front of the lovely home where the wedding was held.

Ruth and Jesse's wedding was beautiful on a gorgeous sunny day!

The radiant bride and teary-eyed groom tied the knot under a garden arbor Jesse built for the occasion, covered with tulle and garlands.

They are off on the honeymoon! Congratulations!

Vicki caught this group shot of my daughter Charity's family at the rehearsal dinner. More pics later.