Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Once upon a time...Mom and Dad

Once upon a time my parents were happily married.

I tried to capture that moment in this scrap page. The photos are my favorites of them.

Seen online in my gallery here:  BILL & VI

Monday, October 25, 2010

What to do when the lights go OUT...

We experienced a power outage this morning...while I was installing software on my newly installed operating system.

I began to think of things I can do without power. Mr Edison would be thrilled to know we were so dependent on his miraculous invention of the light bulb! Here is how my list is going so far...

  1. Read - by camp lantern
  2. Pray for your children, grandchildren, pastor and friends
  3. Clean off your desk
  4. Drive to the bank instead of banking online
  5. SHOP-if the lights are on at the store!
  6. DRAW, if you can find your sketch book (see #3... it might be on the desk)
  7. Use your laptop until the battery goes...
  8. Call someone on your cell phone (house phone is dead, usually)
  9. Play Scrabble on my I-touch
  10. Snuggle with your hunny... 

Hey... what would YOU add to this short list?

Friday, October 8, 2010

Montana memory: BIG PURPLE SPOON

Montana was such a joyous trip... so many memories to scrap. This page came about because the High Noon Crop at Scrap Girls challenged us to scrap "PURPLE". I remembered this funny memory and went looking for the photo. Scrap Girls Camille's Garden was the kit used. Thanks for looking!  ONLINE VIEW

Page reads:  After our Jammer tour on the EAST side of Glacier National Park, we ate lunch and browsed the shops in the park.A SPOON CARVING shop featured this HUGE SPOON.Because it was SCRAP GIRL PURPLE, Al wanted to stop for a photo with Barb and the spoon!  July 2010