Tuesday, June 28, 2011


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One of the best treats on our recent trip to Colorado was spending time with my sister, Jan, and her husband, Chuck. Al and Chuck became more acquainted while Jan and I had some good bonding time again. What a blessing to have "like minded" family we can fellowship with!

Staying in their home was a special blessing for us. Sweet memories!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cliff Dwellers

2 page Layout of Cliff Dwellers
While in Manitou Springs CO we had time to see the Cliff Dwellings and the red rock Garden of the Gods. The Scrap Girl kit Zoomba by Brandy Murray was perfect for this layout! Thanks for looking.

The comments read: 
When we visited Colorado Springs in June 2011, we were excited to learn there were Cliff Dwellings in the area that we could visit. We expected to SEE them, but did not know we would be able to actually go INTO the dwellings and see them ourselves!

The lower left photos are the interior and exterior views of the common kitchen cooking area.You can see the path Al is standing on, where the traffic flowed around the work area.The middle left photo shows Al in the trash room where they also kept some fowl just outside the kitchen area. There are rooms above most of the structure, except above this room.

The rooms were built with mud and rocks that were chips off the larger stones. The walls were built very level and with great precision. There was a separate section on the far left end of the dwelling where it appears to be bunk rooms up and downstairs, with smaller openings. 

One room with a rounded wall was labeled as possibly the chief's quarters in the middle section. 

Al stands in the door of a small adobe home.The rounded outdoor oven nearby appears to have a pizza paddle!

The plants were all labeled with explanations of what the tribe used them for.KINNIKINNICK was one of the trees / bushes there.  I did't know that was a real word!

Larger individual pages here:  LEFT    RIGHT

Monday, June 13, 2011

IRL- In Real Life Meet Up

3 for tea in Monument Colorado at the Wisdom Tea Room
While in Colorado, I had tea with two other Scrap Girls that live nearby.

Fun! Meeting IRL (in real life) all over the states is a great experience!

Here is the page online:  3 together

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sisters are GOLDEN...

Jan and Chuck

A REAL bike rack!

Kayakers were riding the waves on the ice-pack swollen river!

Table Mountain with Castle Rock in the foreground

After a good nap, we headed out again for a stroll on the river walk in Golden, Colorado. The weather was lovely: warm and breezy. We walked close to three miles after our great dinner in the historic district of Golden, which was the capital of the Colorado Territory.

Table Mountain and Castle Rock overlook this quaint town. Afterwards we tried to see the Bison, but they were still hiding. At least we saw prairie dogs, more elk and NO rattlesnakes!

(more blog posts follow with more pictures)

Denver delights...

Barb in front of the Rocky Mountain National Park
and Continental Divide
Off on an early adventure today, we were seeking to see a herd of bison maintained by the City of Denver. They played hide and seek with us, and we only saw them at a distance. Meanwhile, we found a herd of elk grazing in the woods on one of our attempts to see bison.
A herd of elk lazing and grazing. Only 2 in this pic.
Al at Dinosaur Ridge
Five thousand years ago, a herd of dinosaurs were playing on the hillside when a flood took them to their deaths. Their path was preserved on this hillside and discovered in 1937.

God repented that he had made man and destroyed all living things with a flood. He began again with Noah's family. Yes, the account is absolutely true. The worldwide movement of mountains, rivers, land formations were shifted by the force of the one of a kind water force. The sediments of the rivers and newly formed fossil remains can be totally explained by the force of the water during God's flood.

The dark area is dinosaur fossil remains.
Good days can lead to Cold Stone Ice Cream treats! Yum!
After our drive we stopped for ice cream at Cold Stone. All's well that ends well, yes? Yummy!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Adventures in Colorado Springs...

The conference at Focus on the Family is what took us to Colorado Springs.
What a blessing it was!
Al with the Cog Train on Pike's Peak
We have never been this high elevation without an airplane!
The Garden of the Gods was donated to the city so everyone could enjoy them.

Al at the Balancing Rock
Al pushing the rock over! YIKES!
Condos in the rock! Interesting historical stop.
The common kitchen in the center of the units.
 Al visited Colorado Springs and Pike's Peak when he was a boy and his dad was stationed at Fort Carson in the early 50's. He remembered going up the mountain with his folks and always wanted to go back.

We have never been to Colorado in all our travels, so when we learned of the Pastors and Spouses conference there, we decided we would definitely visit the mountain again.

We rode the COG train to the top after the conference was over. The train traveled at a top speed of 8.5 mph and took an hour each way. The air is so thin we were getting dizzy. We took many pics from the ride and learned so much history of that mountain! What a delightful outing!

The Garden of the Gods was filled with interesting rock formations. Beautiful handiwork of God on display there!

The cliff dwellings are something I have always wanted to visit, so we stopped in for an hour and explored in the homes of the rock. We saw a common kitchen with shelves, loft bedrooms and brick and mortar walls that were perfectly level, per the people who studied these homes. It, too, was exciting to see. I'm so glad we went.

Al climbed into the "cleft of the ROCK"

As we explored the rock garden, Al discovered a cleft in a rock and climbed in it. Safe to the Rock that is higher... a safe place to be!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Family memories on Annapolis...

This photo is probably the last portrait of my family before my parents divorced. Bill appears to be a few months old so likely late 1960 or early 1961. The photo was taken in our living room on Annapolis Street. 

back row: Barb, 10(me); Mike,7; Vicki, 12
seated: Mom with Bill; Rosemary, 4; Dad

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Angel for a day...

Ruth 1987
This week I found time to scan photos of Scott & Charity's wedding that my sister, Vicki, took. She gave them to me last fall. As I was laying around resting yesterday I decided to alter the photo settings from the poor scanning.

With a purple challenge for Scrap Girl's  High Noon Chat, I decided to do one of the wedding pages for Charity. After putting lots of wedding pics on the page, I discovered the sweet wings in my  stash and remembered this photo of Ruth was in the batch.

The journaling says, "We were able to get Ruth off her horse, Hawkeye, long enough to dress her up for her sister Charity's wedding."

The photo can be viewed at Scrap Girls here.

Doesn't Pearl look like her?