Friday, May 13, 2011

Illustrator Oriental Fan project done...

Oriental Fan project for Adobe Illustrated Class
Last quarter at college I took the beginner level of Adobe Illustrator. It was so much fun, that during the finals class and seeing the projects for the Intermediate class, I determined that I would take the class again this semester. On the way home after the finals were presented, I began to plan what projects I would create this quarter. This fan was one of them.

Now, nearing the end of this semester, the fan is finished and ready to present to the class during the finals on June 2. It was a work of love and learning.

The fabric is a tablecloth I bought when I was in China a few years ago. The pearls were made in Illustrator, and represent the pearls my husband bought me when we were in Beijing.

Art is so fulfilling for me... thank you for looking!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Missing my mom...

I just read a Facebook post about someone's "mama" being in heaven, and my tears began to flow...

My mom's been gone over 30 years and that wound can still be pricked in just a moment. I am missing talking with her every day, writing to her every week.... hearing from her every week.

Mom with Bill about 1962, in our front yard on Annapolis Street.
If you still have your mama, what time will you spend with her this week, while you can? [She knows you love her... but enough to spend more than a few minutes at a time with her?]

I am betting she misses your every day phone calls about nothing in particular!

She was one tough mama, and loved us more than her own life! She was a single mom working in a man's job at a factory to provide for us when Dad failed at it due to alcoholism. I miss her today...