Monday, August 2, 2010

Montana 2010 scrap pages


Gallery VIEW

The Glacier tour this year was so different from the previous two trips. We visited the EAST side of the Continental Divide, and saw so many differing views and had different kinds of adventures!

Left and right single views


Touring the EAST side of the Glacier National Park gave us new views and adventures!

The tour included a boat ride on Two Medicine Lake, a small hike to a waterfall and photo opportunities we never expected.  On the hike to the falls we noted the warning for bears... and saw the bear claw mark on a tree just a 100 feet or so later!  We were amazed at the huge flowers in the wild! At the falls we spotted a lone fly fisherman and we discovered he was in our photo when we returned home!

Jimmy, the tour host, allowed Al to sit behind the wheel of the Jammer, and he took a photo of us standing inside it.

After the tour we stopped at a park area cafe to share a buffalo burger... SO yummy!

Although we saw no wildlife except fish, it was a very good tour! We enjoyed the adventure immensely!