Friday, May 23, 2014

A Little Get Away at the Beach

Long time no blog... I'm back!

The past few years we have vacationed at the cabin in Montana. It was so restful.

Lately I have been inwardly craving the coast, so we planned a 3 night get away and wanted to go somewhere nearby, less road time and less costly, and just after a busy session of back to back "big days" at the church. We were tired.

While the cabin we rented was new and beautiful, it felt a bit cramped for 3 days for us. The tiny kitchenette was well equipped, but had small appliances, tiny fridge and the only sink in the cabin.  (Al felt awkward shaving in the dining area with a bowl of hot water in front of the cabin's only mirror.)

Charming, the newest dog, had never been to the beach. We wanted to introduce him to it this trip. The cabin was walking distance to a very nice inlet on the east side of the peninsula.

Al took this photo of a lean-to built into the hillside next to the beach. It made me think of Moon Doggy's hut in the Gidget series. :)  Maybe some hobos use it on better days?

The beach was fairly deserted each time we went. Charming had the place to himself, and the waves were so calming. The air was warm for a change!

Al stooped to rinse a shell as the tide was coming in...

He had to back up and run away in a hurry!  (Never turn your back on the sea!)

He can FLY!!! Who knew? Charming was delighted with the beach!

Check out Charming's BIG GRIN! He never knew "WALK" mean "FUN before this day! The next day when we said "WALK?" he beat us to the door, to the car and to the beach!  :)

The time spent was relaxing, as well as productive. We were able to ride bikes on FLAT land instead of hills, collected a bucket full of shells for projects and made some wonderful memories! I finished up several pages in Joy's wedding album and finalizing some things for sending it out. (Getting SO close!)

Thanks! I needed that!