Monday, August 31, 2009

Addendum to our mountain climb

I forgot to put in our "after" photos from the climb. It was TOO funny that our old dog, Checkers, age 12, LOVED every minute of the climb and crashed for the rest of the day! (But so did WE! LOL!)

Yes, it was my regular eyeglasses that were lost on the climb.

And here is the flower photo I wanted to get the other day, and the Lord gave me a second chance at it! Thank you, Lord!

More adventures with a walking stick...

What a day today was! After breakfast we headed up the mountain to see if we could make it to the top, and also look for my missing glasses. No glasses were found, but we DID make it to the flat camping area near the top of the mountain!

The mountain we climbed from the street view. [below]

The view of the street from the camping area.

And here is the promised video of deer photographed from our deck one morning.

We got some fantastic photos and will post more after our return home.

We are ready to go home... see you soon!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Walking Stick Adventure 2

When we awoke today we decided to brave the cool morning and watch for the deer from the deck while we drank our coffee. We were rewarded! I will share the video later. (I did not download it yet).

We decided the mountain behind us needed to be climbed... to the top. We grabbed our sticks and set off (up). We almost made it to the top, before I discovered that my glasses had fallen out of my shirt pocket! So instead of going upward, we went searchingly down the densely covered trail and did NOT find them.

[I have decided that I definitely prefer Mountain climbing in reverse... downward is best!]

Fortunately I had my new prescription in my handbag and we were able to get temporary replacements until I can get the correct lens work done at home.

While we awaited for my eyeglasses, we went "out" to dinner for the first time since we arrived. (We are being good at staying in the cabin and eating up our groceries on hand.) We discovered this McKenzie River Pizza place on our last trip and made a revisit.

Barb and the Bear (carving inside the store)

Preacher and the Moose (front yard)
The moose is made from scrap metal parts and pieces and I find it attractively unique!

Tomorrow is "church" at Bible Baptist! Its so cool that it has the same name as our church back home! And the preacher is preaching. Yep, even on vacation he get to do what he likes!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Glacier Nat'l Park and Wildlife

(CLICK to enlarge any photo for details.)
Lake McDonald from Apgar Montana

Glacier National Park is one of the most ruggedly beautiful parks we have ever seen! I was able to take many beautiful photos in spite of our small camera range.

We enjoyed our last trip in '07 and decided to ride the park "Jammer" tour again. This year they offered an evening wildlife tour and our driver/host was knowledgeable and enjoyable. The trip was wonderful, even though we saw less wildlife than our last trip.

We arrived at the south end of McDonald Lake to meet our tour bus, a RED JAMMER at Apgar, and stopped at the McDonald lodge to pick up additional passengers. This is an incredible vehicle! I would like to have one... it's the ultimate "granny van"!

The tour drove along the McDonald River to the base of the Continental Divide sheer rock wall.

Note the grayish strip running from middle left to right in the following mountain photo? That is the road we will take up to Logan Pass. (Above that is the HIKING TRAIL!!! Not for me... 12-plus miles down hill!

In the next picture is the view DOWN to the river road where the previous photo was taken 15-25 minutes before. Quite a trip UP! (and we are only halfway up at this point.)

At the pass, we got this shot of Al "resting on the rock"...

... just after we saw a ground squirrel eating his salad dinner.

Ground Squirrel eating

Elk cow eating "Glacier salad" along the road.
[Our driver said its rare to see elk on this road.]

As we left Logan Pass, we spotted Curly Horn Sheep and were able to get this short video.

As we left our tour, I went to the lake again to see the sunset on Lake McDonald. Ah, A LOVELY day in the park!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

What a vacation looks like...

A lovely garden of herbs, flowers, butterflies and bees... also hornets this year.

So many places to rest....

... and the ultimate photo... gospel music on an ipod, a nap in the shade, and a dog!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Walking Stick Adventure

We arrived at the cabin in Montana before bedtime Monday. We parked the car and have not driven it in almost 24 hours. Nice!

We were all tired and went to bed early, and awoke to explore our host's acreage on foot. A nice wide trail [with walking sticks provided] starts beside our parking area and runs along the base of the mountain behind the cabin. The road passes the main house and outbuildings, the herb garden and the hayfields. After passing the houses, the path reveals side trails to view the creek at various locations, including a small foot bridge at one point. We discovered a picnic area, fire pits, lovely glens, with copses of firs and pines.

A few weeks ago my husband asked me why some people carry walking sticks on trails. We discussed Moses and Aaron having rods for their shepherd work. We forgot to look up the actual reasons why folks carry them.

After today, I think I understand at least one good reason to carry a walking stick... a three footed object is less likely toppled! This past year I have fallen and bumped and banged myself so often I continually ache from bruising. With the walking stick, I was able to get a better footing BEFORE I took a step. NICE! Maybe I should take a walking stick home for getting up and down my staircase!

If we had run into bears or cougars, the stick would have been handy to chase them off! (Hopefully without one of our small dogs!)

The dogs were worn out after our walk, like the rest of us "old folks" and we all napped for quite awhile before dinner.

Here are some of the photos from our "walking stick adventure".

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Peace Sign... NOT for ME!

Forgive me if you don't agree... this is from my heart!

Often lately I see people flashing the "V" 2-finger sign or wearing the broken upside down cross "peace" emblem. It is usually a painful reminder of my high school days, and losing dear friends and classmates in a war that could have been won years earlier!

Why the pain? I grew up in the Viet Nam "non-war" era. [I call it a "NON-WAR" because war was never declared... it was an attempt to overthrow a Communist regime from a defenseless people!]

I prayed for our troops, did what I could to encourage the few men I knew in the fight, and hated to see our precious U.S. flag being burned by hippies flaunting their two-fingered "peace sign" while they acted "unpeacefully". They shouted anti-American, anti-troop slogans, and turned our peaceful country upside down with their rioting! They definitely were NOT "peaceful" protesters! The fighting men returned and felt unloved and even hated by these "peace promoting" protests. Many took the pain seriously and could not readjust to their lives back home. Some committed suicide or succumbed to serious depressions.

Today's generation did not live in that painful time... but I remember it well. It still hurts me to see people use that hateful NON-peaceful sign today, while they call it an "innocent" gesture.

Innocent? They must not be aware of the awful symbolism it promoted! Ask the thousands of survivors of that horrid Non-war, or the families of those who paid the ultimate price! These signs are NOT innocent! They are emblems of a riotous generation who purported the overthrow of our wonderful country!

I LOVE America! I love her flag, her "In God We Trust" currency and her faithful fighting troops who still "DIE" to keep us safe every day!

Please don't show me the PEACE emblem as if its "ONLY A PEACE SIGN". At one time it represented VICTORY, but it became so much worse in the 60's. It's still a sign of anarchy and rebellion! How soon we forget our history!
I believe its still anti-American!

God Bless America!

Peace sign

Romans 13:1 Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What Love Can Do...

The original "Beach Boy" Brian Wilson just released another great hit, "What Love Can Do". Enjoy the YouTube version of the Sound Studio activities!

THANK YOU, hubby, for sending me this sweet song!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Funny Monk Song

Silent Monks sing...
Hilarious and joyful... the monks sing enthusiastically and humorously!