Tuesday, April 21, 2015


 Deep cleaning this morning, I opened a decorative box on my dresser and discovered letters, photos and announcements from 1987-1989.

Love letters to mommy from Charity​, who was getting married that summer, a few from Joyce​, Ruth​ and even my last letter from my Grandma in April 1989, who passed away that June. There were wedding (Lynn Strong​) and funeral announcements (Grandma). My sister, Vicki, wrote to us regularly about her family life with her only daughter, Audry.

Debi Montgomery, the maid of honor with Charity

Sister bridesmaids with Charity and Debi and me.
Mrs Krause greeting Ruth, me with Al and Scott's parents, Brownie and Roy

The letters from Charity around the time of her wedding and becoming a mama are so precious. I don't remember the last time I saw these and there were many tears of remembrance and joy.

Back then, it was pretty certain that I would get a phone call daily from each of the girls after they left home. By noon, the last of the four would make contact.

These days the phone doesn't ring. Sometimes we get a text message or photo. We try to follow what's happening in their homes via Facebook, and see some of them in church (the highlight of my day, if I get to see them and collect a hug if they get close enough).

I miss those old days, but also cherish the memories they are making today with their own families.

Did you save any old letters and cards? Find them and spend some time with your memories. Perhaps you should write a journal today about those precious yesterdays before the memories get filed away again!

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