Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Angel for a day...

Ruth 1987
This week I found time to scan photos of Scott & Charity's wedding that my sister, Vicki, took. She gave them to me last fall. As I was laying around resting yesterday I decided to alter the photo settings from the poor scanning.

With a purple challenge for Scrap Girl's  High Noon Chat, I decided to do one of the wedding pages for Charity. After putting lots of wedding pics on the page, I discovered the sweet wings in my  stash and remembered this photo of Ruth was in the batch.

The journaling says, "We were able to get Ruth off her horse, Hawkeye, long enough to dress her up for her sister Charity's wedding."

The photo can be viewed at Scrap Girls here.

Doesn't Pearl look like her?


Alice said...

Ruth in wings? haha...
JK... very cute!

Truth and Blessings said...

I was just remembering this wedding. How time flies.