Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Scrap Girls meet... Early!

I went a little early to Salt Lake City this year to take a photo expedition of the fall colors and canyons, and visit with friends I have made online at Scrap Girls.

Today we want to get hours of photography done, but last night we met up with others from the message board and went to Chili's for dinner... always a good choice!

One of our online friends, Sara, was unable to come this year, and she sold her ticket to Silly, who promised to bring Sara along as a placard presence. We laughed so hard and took photo evidence of her presence!

Seated: "SARA", Silly (Priscilla), Dianna; Standing: Lou Ann

Sandi, "SARA", and I at dinner

Dianna, Lou Ann & Silly

Ending the day, we gathered in the motel dining area to chat online with other friends still "back at the ranch". This is the view from our dining room last night... sunset on the Salt Lake... beautiful!


preacher said...

That picture of Sara is so funny. I'm sure she'll get a charge out of "being there." Love you! HAVE FUN!

sunnie2004 said...

So see now Sara can say she was at SLC!!!

Fabulous fun looking photos ladies!!!

Anonymous said...

Fun post, Barb. I'm looking forward to more adventures with the Scrap Girls

Sara Arell said...

I love this! You guys are awesome! I can't believe I am really there! I love it - thank you for making my day and for making me smile and laugh and giggle.
I love you all!