Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A new START... 2009

To think its actually going to be 2009... amazing!

2008 was such a FAST and eventful year... where did it go? 

Now a new year awaits... another chance to do it RIGHT! 
What will you do RIGHT in 2009? Will you spread a little joy and happiness and merriness? 
(A merry heart doeth good like a medicine! Prov 17:22). 

Will you be a dose of "good medicine" to those you interact with?

Don't be a grumbling, mumbling critic! Don't rain on everyone's parade... SMILE! It's contagious! Spread JOY like there is no time to waste!


preacher said...

Amen! Great post! There's enough sourness in the world without adding to it.

Alice said...

Love your gives me more to work on this year. Being happy usually comes easy for me but there are some days I really struggle with having a cheerful countenance. Thanks for the reminder of how my mood and actions can affect those around me.