Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tagged, I am it... thanks, Alice!

I'm tagged, I'm it?!? I hate this! It might be my only blog entry!  (Thanks, Alice!)

I had to look at my scrambled files to find the sixth photo that was actually a photo to get this... (I keep my photos everywhere and need to reorganize the folders.)

This photo of Preacher and Bro Blue was taken Oct 5 2008 at Bro Blue's retirement service, that Al preached. Memorable shot of them!

Joyness... you are tagged! Go for it


Joyness said...

That's a good photo of Dad and Pastor Blue, and good memories of that night. I'm glad I was able to attend his farewell service.

Mom, you really should use the blog as an opportunity to post your thoughts and journals about different things that have happened in your life, times spent with the grandkids, or to show your scrapbook pages off! :)I'm glad you posted at least once!!!

Oh, and thanks for tagging me, now I have to search through all my photo files, which like yours are not very organized. Keep your eye out!

preacher said...

It was an honor to participate in that service for my good friend.