Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm tagged AGAIN? Well, I am thankful, anyway...

Ten things I am thankful for (can't top Alice's cool photo list, so won't try).
  1. My salvation... (don't leave home... or earth... without it!) and my church!
  2. My family... well, everyone knows ten numbers won't cover each one by name, so I will start with my three remaining siblings who give me nieces, nephews, etc. to love and pray for.
  3. My spouse who gives me way more than I will ever deserve.
  4. My four lovely daughters and best friends... who love me in spite of me.
  5. My nineteen growing and glowing grandchildren, of all ages (well, 2-almost 20, anyway).
  6. My special times with aforementioned grandchildren, who never cease to amaze me with their mental, spiritual and physical growth. This often makes me recall some of the unusual things I would think up, too! They keep you on your toes!
  7. Sons "by law" that have become SONS in the flesh, that someone else "grew up" for us!
  8. My computer with internet... who knew? Friends across the world at your fingertips!
  9. My health, both mental and physical... I enjoy it while I have it! I won't take it for granted!
  10. MY BIBLE! Oh, yeah (thought I forgot, didn't you?)... like air, ya GOTTA have it! Makes the day so much better (and gives some good answers for those inquisitive youngun's)
Let's see, I tag... ummm... how about Lindsey! I have been watching your blank blog for a week and I see you are feeling better...YAY! Good to see you again! Go for it!


preacher said...

Great list of thanksgiving blessings! Enjoyed reading it. I love the way you expressed it. I am, of all men, most blessed to have you for my wife. Love, al

Alice said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Mom! I am thankful for you too!

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I agree with all of your list as well. Ten things seems like such a short list when we have such a great God who supplies us with so many benefits!

I'm glad you tagged Lindsey! I know her family's been sick, and I'm still waiting to see her photo for photo tag. :) I also look forward to reading her list of blessings!