Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Several times each week I monitor homework with my teenage grandsons before their mom gets home from work. We have some curious conversations prior to getting down to business.

Yesterday Ethan and I had this discussion before he did his science homework.
Ethan:  My science teacher was telling us today that we use too much water in our country and we should not bathe every day to conserve water. 
Me:   He wouldn't want to be around you if you didn't bathe every day.
Ethan:  EXACTLY!
Me:  Interesting... in health class they teach you to bathe every day to protect the environment.
Ethan: And in science class they tell you NOT to bathe every day to protect the environment.
Me: In science class they teach you to protect the WATER from your body odor and to protect the AIR in your health class! I guess the lesson here is that you should should run around fast in the shower... EVERY DAY!


Alice said...

Crazy teachers!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, well, I say saving the environment of my home is more important...stinky teenage boys need to shower every day!!! It is definitely worth it! :)