Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Puyallup Fair 2012

We made our annual excursion to the Western Washington Fair in Puyallup WA today. We went to many of the same displays and did not stop for any of the "free entertainment" this year. 

After browsing the dealers hall and seeing all the new products, we were hungry for lunch and headed for the Earthquake Burger place. Oh my! That's a lot of BEEF, if you were looking for beef!

Earthquake burger: half pound of madness with a loaf of fries!
After lunch we viewed the quilts and art displays and were amazed at some of the lovely quilts this year. The art made me want to go home and paint! Inspirational!

Al found a HUGE butterfly in the rain forest. (silk :) )
After lunch we wandered over to the animal barns for a bit and eventually discovered the Rain Forest Exhibit. We didn't stay for the show, but it was crowded by folks and young children waiting to see it. This Rain Forest display is very well done with a variety of live animals from Africa's rain forests, as well as Australia and Brazil.  There were some very lovely parrots and monkeys, as well as snakes, porcupine and tarantulas!

Barb found a Praying Mantis eating a red ant.
 Outside the Rain Forest Display we found a statue of a Praying Mantis eating a red ant. Blech!

CAMELS: Not an everyday event in our state!
As we were heading to the car we noticed camels on display. They offered camel rides (just like in the Middle East, when Al was there!).

We parked for the third year in the church parking lot just west of the red gate parking. That church uses the parking lot funds for their missionary fund; so we help missions when we go to the fair! How neat is that!?

It was a good day with some great weather. Loved going to the fair again!

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