Sunday, May 13, 2012

California Quick Tour

When Lindsey went away to college, we assured her we would be there when she graduated.

Finally on May 9, 2012 she graduated, and we were there because we DROVE there and back in five days (remind me not to try that trip again!)

Here are a few photo mementoes of the trip.
Dr Paul Chappel with Al after the graduation.

Patti and Mike McKee with Lindsey.

Al and I with Lindsey.

Vineyards everywhere!

Fresh strawberries... so yummy!

Garlic, onions, leeks? Sally loved these
and I liked taking the picture!

The trees kept getting bigger. We told Sally
"This is a SMALL Redwood!"

Definitely the BIGGEST tree I ever saw!

We got to the ocean just as the sun set!

And OH, what a sunset!!

The morning gave us new photo opportunities.

Tried so hard to hide the white car on the road in front!

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