Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sea World experience!

The animal exhibits at Sea World were a treat to see. Anders wanted to see the Penguins, so we went to Sea World for the day. Besides the penguins we saw otters, sea-lions, walruses, sharks, dolphins!

The penguins were all lined up to see the "show" of people parading past them!

Flamingos too!

We enjoyed the walrus and seal show, too. Made me think of Alice in Wonderland.

It was a challenge to catch these guys in the air, but I did it!

FEED ME! Big guys! They were fun to watch!

Another one up in the air!

Nursing new baby seal pup... awwww!

At the end of the day, I finally remembered to get a photo with ME in face and all!
Between shows we rode two of the roller coasters. YES, I did ride them too! I was kind of backing off from the one that hangs from above and does several flips and loops, but in the end, I went on board with Jon and Anders, after all. It was an experience I will remember and not likely repeat! I am glad my vertigo did not reactivate while there!

After walking for five hours and only sitting one hour in that daylong trip, we were ready to drop Anders off at the base and head for the hot tub to refresh our feet. We still had to pack and be ready to check out in the morning, so off we go to bed! Thanks for looking!

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preacher said...

Happy you got to "see" "Sea World." Now you can come home and "see" me!