Saturday, June 11, 2011

Denver delights...

Barb in front of the Rocky Mountain National Park
and Continental Divide
Off on an early adventure today, we were seeking to see a herd of bison maintained by the City of Denver. They played hide and seek with us, and we only saw them at a distance. Meanwhile, we found a herd of elk grazing in the woods on one of our attempts to see bison.
A herd of elk lazing and grazing. Only 2 in this pic.
Al at Dinosaur Ridge
Five thousand years ago, a herd of dinosaurs were playing on the hillside when a flood took them to their deaths. Their path was preserved on this hillside and discovered in 1937.

God repented that he had made man and destroyed all living things with a flood. He began again with Noah's family. Yes, the account is absolutely true. The worldwide movement of mountains, rivers, land formations were shifted by the force of the one of a kind water force. The sediments of the rivers and newly formed fossil remains can be totally explained by the force of the water during God's flood.

The dark area is dinosaur fossil remains.
Good days can lead to Cold Stone Ice Cream treats! Yum!
After our drive we stopped for ice cream at Cold Stone. All's well that ends well, yes? Yummy!

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