Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cliff Dwellers

2 page Layout of Cliff Dwellers
While in Manitou Springs CO we had time to see the Cliff Dwellings and the red rock Garden of the Gods. The Scrap Girl kit Zoomba by Brandy Murray was perfect for this layout! Thanks for looking.

The comments read: 
When we visited Colorado Springs in June 2011, we were excited to learn there were Cliff Dwellings in the area that we could visit. We expected to SEE them, but did not know we would be able to actually go INTO the dwellings and see them ourselves!

The lower left photos are the interior and exterior views of the common kitchen cooking area.You can see the path Al is standing on, where the traffic flowed around the work area.The middle left photo shows Al in the trash room where they also kept some fowl just outside the kitchen area. There are rooms above most of the structure, except above this room.

The rooms were built with mud and rocks that were chips off the larger stones. The walls were built very level and with great precision. There was a separate section on the far left end of the dwelling where it appears to be bunk rooms up and downstairs, with smaller openings. 

One room with a rounded wall was labeled as possibly the chief's quarters in the middle section. 

Al stands in the door of a small adobe home.The rounded outdoor oven nearby appears to have a pizza paddle!

The plants were all labeled with explanations of what the tribe used them for.KINNIKINNICK was one of the trees / bushes there.  I did't know that was a real word!

Larger individual pages here:  LEFT    RIGHT

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Truth and Blessings said...

Lovely photos and nice job on the scrap page. Makes me want to go there right now.