Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Graphically Speaking... I love Illustrator!

The assignment for our midterm was to create an image using a list of skills and tools we were taught during the first five chapters. Just about every tool gave me ideas for making flowers, so the garden idea began to form the first day.

The signs were needed to use text on paths, text masks and text with stretched points. The flowers almost all used the rotate and scaling tools. The daisies implemented the pathfinder intersect tool. The larger sign utilized the divide tool, and several other tools.

This was such a fun project to develop and organize. I enjoyed seeing the other student's projects at class tonight... all of them creative and inspiring. What a great class and the instructor really enjoys seeing our "lights" come on when we "get it".

What's next? Patterns and BRUSHES... I have some experience there, but it will be fun this week!


preacher said...

All your hard work is paying off. Great design.

Alice said...

What a fun class! It's right up your alley. :)