Monday, September 27, 2010

Home church "reunion"...

 Mrs Mae Noe with Georgia, Raymond, and Wil Bice
in the new building for Galilean Baptist in Plymouth MI

Me with Mrs Noe. She is such a sweet blessing
to me. I have quoted her teachings many times over
the years. It was good to hear she prays for me each week!

Going back to our "home church" to see my "preacher's wife" was a sweet trip. The church is in a newer building in a different city, but many of the same faces greeted me last night. It was wonderful to see God at work and hope for better days among the congregation. I shared with them a little bit about our church's GROW ministry and they peppered me for details after the service.

After the meeting I finally dragged myself away to get a bite with the Bices and Shirley McFadden and spent another hour or two just remembering and enjoying each other. Good times!

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preacher said...

So glad you could spend some time with "old" friends and your family. Looking forward to your return Tuesday. Missed you.