Monday, July 26, 2010

Home at last... more work!

Going home last Friday, Domino came into the front seat a few times for variety. She watched the road and checked out passing car occupants...& barked when she saw"intruder dogs".  Ten hours and 600 miles is a lot of "down time" for a dog!  (Me, too!)

Checkers slept most of the way home, had little appetite 
and just wanted to be at home ASAP!
A few times Dom activated her "Back seat driver" license
to help Al drive home.

When not "driving", she took over the larger dog bed.

We enjoyed seeing the mountains crowned in clouds 
as we passed the Idaho mountains near Bonner Ferry, ID
We knew we were in Washington when we saw
this familiar warning at a viewpoint on the Columbia River.

Al wanted a photo with the river... Checkers, too!

We knew we were on the home stretch when we saw
"OUR MOUNTAIN", Mt Rainier, from a rest stop 
in Eastern Washington!

Dorothy was right, you know? "There's NO PLACE like HOME!" So glad to be back in the saddle and back at "work". The cabin was a restful diversion, but we are glad to be home and back at work!

[KEEP READING... more vacation photos in following posts!]

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Alice said...

I miss you guys. Glad you had a great trip.

preacher said...

It was a very pleasant drive home with Domino as co-pilot.

Vaughnde said...

I agree....Our Mountain! I've always loved MT. Rainier after growing up in its shadow. Welcome Home!