Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Glacier Park Jammer tour and Al's evening walk.

 This year we drove to the EAST side of the continental divide to take a different tour. The mountain range is still incredibly beautiful, but we saw almost no wildlife (unless you count some strange hippie-looking characters). The tour started at a beautiful Hotel almost 100 years old. Built with HUGE Douglas fir from the Pacific Northwest, it looked like Noah's Ark from inside!

This building is the dining hall of a lodging place that existed during
Teddy Roosevelt's presidency. He gave one of his famous 
"fireside chats" from this building.  Al is standing on the porch 
approximately where President Roosevelt spoke so many years ago!
(In the next photo)

From this building we walked around the corner to take a boat tour on this lovely Two Medicine Lake.

We got some stunning shots of the mountains from the boat.
(They need to be edited. )

After the boat ride we hiked up to a water fall... 
yes, we navigated this interesting bridge CAREFULLY!

 After the tour ended, we wandered in the front lawn of the hotel 
and visited the TeePee and flower gardens before heading out for lunch. 
We were hungry enough to eat a buffalo! 
So we shared a buffalo burger... YUMMY.

 And FLOWERS...  ah, sweetness! 
These pots were all over the porch of the hotel...

And in the wilderness I had Al stand next to these flowers
to show you the LARGENESS of them! INCREDIBLE stuff!

After dinner at the cabin, Al took the dogs for an hour-long walk on the property. He took some nice pics of his adventure....

  An old barn...

And the pasture of the farm we stay at.

Just another day in PARADISE!


preacher said...

It is amazing that those trees holding up the roof of the lodge are 900 years old and the bark is still intact.

Sally Ann said...

So glad you guys got to enjoy such a wonderful vacation! :) Looks like you had a great time!
We missed you though, so we're happy that you are coming back. :D