Thursday, July 29, 2010

42 years...

 42nd Anniversary Trip to Glacier Nat'l Park
Al takes a turn at driving the red "Jammer"    
Falls on the tour, coming right out of the "ROCK"

Can it really be 42 years since we stood before the judge with our friends, Bruce and Pat Westlake, in Inkster Michigan?  The double wedding came and went in a matter of minutes, with no family available to witness the event.  And then... Al went to work.

It was a few years later (June 1970) before we were able to take a "honeymoon" to the Great Smokey Mountains. We were awed by the size and beauty of those "hills". (Since 1974, God has allowed us to see some really BIG mountains! From the Rocky's to the mountains surrounding Beijing and the Great Wall!)

Four children, with twenty grandchildren from 3 months to 21 years old, our life is full of blessings and work!

 At the Great Wall in 2003

Thank you, honey, for keeping me around so long! Its been a wonderful life and a great adventure!

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Vi Abing said...

Congratulations on 42 years. We love you. Great pictures. Alex and Vi