Thursday, June 3, 2010

Some like it HOT! What a treat!

We were excited to find this Pastors and Wives retreat in Palm Springs! We had no idea that our NW spring would extend and be only low 50's when we departed. Landing at Palm Springs to a stifling 95 degrees was quite the experience... think sauna!

Pictures are worth a thousand words has been said. I don't think pictures will do this place justice! To experience this floral beauty firsthand is more than we imagined!

The entry road was symmetrically amazing!

Mountains surround this beautiful resort.

Outside our room, a pool to share with a few others.
We swam alone, however.

On the pathway to the dining hall... covered paths,
palm trees and fountains, besides the flowers!

Bowers of flowers and beautiful
trees everywhere we looked!

Morning shadows make such lovely photos!
(and nice guy to take me to this lovely place!)

Some guy offered to photograph us... and himself!

Dining hall with a mission bell! 
(It didn't announce dinner, however!)

Waiting for the breakfast hour,
we took more flower photos, of course!

We met John & Linda at dinner the first night.
From Maryland, near Camp David, we enjoyed
visiting with them most meals!

Trees, flowers, brick-lined pavement... nice!

Bougainvillea covered many walls and archways.
(beep! beep!)  This roadrunner was spotted on the way 
back from the morning session! 
We were so excited to see this little guy! 

We have stayed at some lovely places, but this place BY FAR is the most lovely we have had the privilege to stay. We enjoyed meeting new friends, getting some ministry encouragement, and spending time together.

We hope they offer this retreat again, and we hope we can get in on the deal! It was a sweet treat, an oasis in the desert! We will recommend it to other friends in the ministry, and if they won't go, its their loss! We loved every minute of it and have been encouraged to stay in the battle for the Lord!


Vi Abing said...

Lovely pictures. So beautiful. You two really deserve to get away and get recharged for the Lord.
Love you, Vi

Alice said...

It looks like you and dad had a nice little get away. I am so glad you could enjoy a some sunshine! :)

Welcome back...I missed you.

Karen's Random Thoughts said...

I will be living about 30 minutes from there in one more month. Can't wait for the 90 degree weather.