Friday, June 4, 2010

La Quinta Randomness...

Nice shot of Al by the fountain sign.

H.B. London and Focus on the Family sponsored
the retreat. Very encouraging meetings. 
Please pray for the ministry during tough times.

The dining hall from another view, and...

... a better perspective of its "SIZE".

This resort was a "get away" for Hollywood stars in its infancy.

 The lobby entrance where celebrities once entered...

... and sat in the foyer.

I'm pretty sure the bird arrived since 1926, however!

This fountain is near the foyer entrance and flowed from 
the top of the garden hill in front of the dining hall.

I loved this walkway we passed thru every meal... 
a very sweet passage.

While we waited for the next session we entertained birds
near the fountain sign... 

.... and even behind Al's back!

As we left the relaxing retreat, we decided to look up
Clint Eastwood's local restaurant the Hog's Breath Inn. 
Great meal before we headed back to the airport!


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ScrapGirls Ro said...

Ummm....I want to go there. It looks fabulous!