Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Photo

Ruth, Joy, Alice, Charity with me on Mom's Day

Getting us together in one spot was a challenge due to the distraction of Bailey's first day at church. Everyone wanted to take a turn holding her and getting their picture with the sweetheart. 

Uncle Jesse gets a turn with Bailey.
(BIG GRIN, huh, Jesse?)

Bailey's shoes were part of her little socks! So CUTE! We love her so much! Wouldn't you know Grandpa used her in an illustration during her first service? 

What a great day!  A wonderful family event! 


Anonymous said...

Beautiful family Barb, thanks for sharing and enjoy your Mother's Day. Hugs, Silly

preacher said...

FIVE BEAUTIFUL LADIES (and they're all MINE!). My, my, what a lucky man I am!

Vaughnde said...

What a wonderful family you have Barb! I loved seeing all your girls with you and Bailey looks so sweet!

Preacher is right...he is Blessed with all his girls including you!