Monday, May 17, 2010

He ran again...

They're OFF... (he is left of the middle)

He is almost to the finish line... and happy!

Placed #11 in the race; 1st in the 60+ age group 
Official Time: 27:36

Al learned of this 5K race at my grandkids' elementary school, just days before it occurred. He ran his entry form down to the school and did some more training.  (Grandson David was to run, but had a ballgame, and we know where his priorities are!)

Good job, Al! Try again next month at Jackson Park!

(HEY! Are those SKITTLES or M&Ms on the "pathway to home"?)

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preacher said...

It was a perfect day weather-wise for a 5K. It was a "fun run."

If I'm still alive next year, and able, I want to run this one again!

Now, on to the "Hot-Foot 5-K" at Jackson Park on June 23! Hope I do better than I did last year.