Thursday, April 8, 2010

60 and forward...


Hugs all around... Grace with me here.

Honey Hugs and pictures taking pictures.

Chocolate cake! And ICE CREAM!

Grace "riding" Sally piggy-back.

Me and my girls: Joy, Ruth, Me, Alice, Charity

The HUGHES SIX.  FR: Ruth, Joy, Alice, Charity  
(reverse birth order)
Al and I behind them.

Sally puts ice cream on Savannah's nose...

... and Jesse hides behind a balloon.

Turning sixty was no big deal until the surprise event! Before the Wednesday night service, the girls brought me lovely gifts: yellow roses, pink azaleas, a Vera Bradley handbag and Cookie Lee jewelry.  Then the crowd quickly disappeared while I was "detained".  I followed the last of the crowd and found everyone "hiding" in the fellowship hall. 

What a sweet family and church family God has blessed me with! Thank you everyone!


Vaughnde said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday Sweet Barb! You so deserve it! I'm so glad you got the wonderful surprise of your life!

preacher said...

THAT WAS FUN! Let's do it again!

Sally Ann said...

Glad you had a good time, and a great birthday! :) We love you, can't you tell? <3

Karen's Random Thoughts said...

Sorry I had to miss it. I have started doing care giving in the evenings at the same place that I clean during the day. Looks like you had a fun night.