Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cat Head Biscuits! (REALLY Kittens!)

So we finally found out the preacher CAN bake!

After finding a recipe online for "cat head biscuits" the preacher went to the store for all the supplies to make them for the Men's Breakfast at church this morning!

He even found cookie cutters with "ears" that he shaped into cat ears! How cute!

They were edible and delicious, I heard (I didn't get one, so cannot give a first hand report!)

Live and LEARN! I guess "old dogs" CAN learn "new tricks"!


preacher said...

I made the "cat head" biscuits alittle to small. They are more the size of "kitten head" biscuits. I'll make the BIGGER next month! They tasted great however.

Ursula said...

LOL, I love these biscuits! How much fun is that!

Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. It's true, I'm not going to be designing for SG now. I haven't sought out another venue at present. We'll see what God brings. I may, then again, I may not. Let's do keep in touch though. Blessings to you today.