Monday, March 22, 2010

The bluest skies... in Seattle

Yesterday was a glorious and beautiful day! We spotted a bald eagle over our church parking lot and I had my camera for a change! Whew! What a majestic bird!

Last month I had been singing this song in my head ["Seattle"] from a show we used to watch about Seattle and their importing of brides for the early settlers. The words say "the bluest skies you've ever seen are in Seattle!" Then the song played over the radio one day while I was driving! So I found the Youtube version of the quaint song for you to enjoy it too!

Seattle area is my "HOME" since 1974, even though we spent five of those years in Vermont! This song says it well! When our skies are blue, its a stunning event to be enjoyed!

Youtube: Here Come the Brides THEME

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