Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Walking Stick Adventure

We arrived at the cabin in Montana before bedtime Monday. We parked the car and have not driven it in almost 24 hours. Nice!

We were all tired and went to bed early, and awoke to explore our host's acreage on foot. A nice wide trail [with walking sticks provided] starts beside our parking area and runs along the base of the mountain behind the cabin. The road passes the main house and outbuildings, the herb garden and the hayfields. After passing the houses, the path reveals side trails to view the creek at various locations, including a small foot bridge at one point. We discovered a picnic area, fire pits, lovely glens, with copses of firs and pines.

A few weeks ago my husband asked me why some people carry walking sticks on trails. We discussed Moses and Aaron having rods for their shepherd work. We forgot to look up the actual reasons why folks carry them.

After today, I think I understand at least one good reason to carry a walking stick... a three footed object is less likely toppled! This past year I have fallen and bumped and banged myself so often I continually ache from bruising. With the walking stick, I was able to get a better footing BEFORE I took a step. NICE! Maybe I should take a walking stick home for getting up and down my staircase!

If we had run into bears or cougars, the stick would have been handy to chase them off! (Hopefully without one of our small dogs!)

The dogs were worn out after our walk, like the rest of us "old folks" and we all napped for quite awhile before dinner.

Here are some of the photos from our "walking stick adventure".


Alice said...

It's so beautiful and peaceful looking.
Glad you and dad were able to get away from the hustle and bustle of life.
Love you.

Vaughnde said...

I'm so glad you are enjoying this trip Barb and I totally understand about walking sticks. Your comment about using one on the stairs at home gave me a chuckle because I have my grandma's walking cane and sometimes even I use it on the stairs. I pray your balance will get better for you.