Saturday, August 29, 2009

Walking Stick Adventure 2

When we awoke today we decided to brave the cool morning and watch for the deer from the deck while we drank our coffee. We were rewarded! I will share the video later. (I did not download it yet).

We decided the mountain behind us needed to be climbed... to the top. We grabbed our sticks and set off (up). We almost made it to the top, before I discovered that my glasses had fallen out of my shirt pocket! So instead of going upward, we went searchingly down the densely covered trail and did NOT find them.

[I have decided that I definitely prefer Mountain climbing in reverse... downward is best!]

Fortunately I had my new prescription in my handbag and we were able to get temporary replacements until I can get the correct lens work done at home.

While we awaited for my eyeglasses, we went "out" to dinner for the first time since we arrived. (We are being good at staying in the cabin and eating up our groceries on hand.) We discovered this McKenzie River Pizza place on our last trip and made a revisit.

Barb and the Bear (carving inside the store)

Preacher and the Moose (front yard)
The moose is made from scrap metal parts and pieces and I find it attractively unique!

Tomorrow is "church" at Bible Baptist! Its so cool that it has the same name as our church back home! And the preacher is preaching. Yep, even on vacation he get to do what he likes!

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