Friday, August 28, 2009

Glacier Nat'l Park and Wildlife

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Lake McDonald from Apgar Montana

Glacier National Park is one of the most ruggedly beautiful parks we have ever seen! I was able to take many beautiful photos in spite of our small camera range.

We enjoyed our last trip in '07 and decided to ride the park "Jammer" tour again. This year they offered an evening wildlife tour and our driver/host was knowledgeable and enjoyable. The trip was wonderful, even though we saw less wildlife than our last trip.

We arrived at the south end of McDonald Lake to meet our tour bus, a RED JAMMER at Apgar, and stopped at the McDonald lodge to pick up additional passengers. This is an incredible vehicle! I would like to have one... it's the ultimate "granny van"!

The tour drove along the McDonald River to the base of the Continental Divide sheer rock wall.

Note the grayish strip running from middle left to right in the following mountain photo? That is the road we will take up to Logan Pass. (Above that is the HIKING TRAIL!!! Not for me... 12-plus miles down hill!

In the next picture is the view DOWN to the river road where the previous photo was taken 15-25 minutes before. Quite a trip UP! (and we are only halfway up at this point.)

At the pass, we got this shot of Al "resting on the rock"...

... just after we saw a ground squirrel eating his salad dinner.

Ground Squirrel eating

Elk cow eating "Glacier salad" along the road.
[Our driver said its rare to see elk on this road.]

As we left Logan Pass, we spotted Curly Horn Sheep and were able to get this short video.

As we left our tour, I went to the lake again to see the sunset on Lake McDonald. Ah, A LOVELY day in the park!

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