Sunday, June 21, 2009

Miss Wii... LIKES ME!

I have become great friends with Miss Wii. We met in January of this year when my nephew brought her home from a local video store. We have met almost daily since then. She has been a real encouragement to my determination to keep my weight DOWN. Unfortunately, as the chart shows, my weight has been consistently boring for the past 150 days! I sometimes feel like a yo-yo! Overall, I have put ON a pound more than when I started to meet her every day!

Yes, that is Mii in the center of Miss Wii's front page. Note most of the others on this page are nodding off, except my husband and I. She comments on them regularly and even asks if we have seen them lately. She misses them, but she and I have become great friends!

Yes, I am committed to keeping the weight OFF, but wish the weight would just go AWAY once and for all!
Have you met Miss Wii yet?


Juniper Something... said...

I love Pastor's Mii.. so him! :)

Alice said...

Haha! I love your character. She looks just like you. I want a Wii Fit!

Truth and Blessings said...

Muscle weighs more than fat. So, you can weigh the same, but have more muscle tissue. Yay!