Friday, May 15, 2009


We were planning to go to California on Wednesday morning for a graduation service for Sarah Sager, a friend who we met when she was 14 years old. In spite of difficult circumstances and hardships, Sarah managed to be the first and only person in her family to graduate college. We were so proud of her, and we had planned for several years to go for the event, which we thought was Wednesday NIGHT.

Pearl at the track meet

We decided to attend our granddaughter Pearl's track meet at the South Kitsap High School on Tuesday afternoon before packing our bags. The meet started at 3 PM. We were able to see one of her events when the phone rang. Sarah, the graduate, wanted to know if we were already in town, and where could we meet her. We assured her we would arrive the next day by 11 am and she informed us that we would MISS the graduation, since it was at NINE AM! OH NO!

We gave our apologies to Pearl's family and headed home to rearrange our travel tickets. YIKES! We were able to find seats available on a 9 PM flight, but needed to fly into a different airport, find a rental car company that would allow us to drop the car at a different airport than we picked it up, AND find lodging for one partial night, etc. It took two hours to make the changes [at great expense] and get to the airport by 7 PM. We barely packed anything, but grabbed some stuff, changed clothes and headed for SEATAC! We arrived in L.A. by 11:30, checked into our room by 12:30 AM and hit the sack. Before 7 AM we were heading out the door for Lancaster CA and arrived by 8 AM to see Sarah before she had to report to the "holding area" for the ceremony.

The commencement was a tremendous blessing for us... to share this wonderful VICTORY in Sarah's life was a treat! Her family was unable to attend, so we were doubly glad to be "there" for her! Please pray for Sarah as she prepares to serve God wherever He desires. She is currently considering if Estonia (former USSR) might be where He is leading.

Preacher with Sarah and her hard earned diploma!

Preacher with his college students.

Lindsey McKee (1st year student); Sarah Sager,
Preacher and myself celebrating at Chili's afterwards.

We also met Caleb Duffield, Lindsey's new beau (from Michigan, like us!)

Thursday we drove back to L.A. and departed from the Burbank airport; arriving home by 7 PM.

What an exciting 48 hours!


preacher said...

I am so proud of Sarah. She is a great example of a Christian finishes what they start. Bob Jones Sr. used to preach "FINISH THE JOB!" Sarah did it! It may have taken her a little longer, but she didn't quit! She is going to be a wonderful missionary with that 'stick-to-tivenss." Way to go Sarah! KUDOS TO YOU. Praise God. I so thankful for the small part the Lord allowed me to play in your life.

Alice said...

Thanks for sharing!! So glad you guys could be there for her.

One Happy Family said...

Ohhhhh.... I am so happy to see this post. Makes my heart fill with joy to see "little" Sarah graduating after much turmoil. Loved it! ... and ... am praising God for a race well run...
PS... didn't receive anything that looks like a "gift" in my email... hmmmm....

I am truly blessed said...

Ahhh Praise the Lord for such a sweet post...and that you guys could be there for her. It brings tears to my eyes to see those pictures and watch the clips. What an amazing accomplishment for Sarah....and what a blessing that you guys could continue to love her and support her. I am sure her heart was blessed to know that you guys worked so hard to change every detail to make it to her graduation. What a special post. Congrats to Sarah and praise the Lord for a preacher and his wife who would go through such great lengths to be a support and blessing

michael said...

sarah--------- even though im just the step-dad. i just want you to know how cool it is your following your dream. im also proud of you