Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Safe at HOME...

Grandson David ran "HOME" in his game tonight. He played so well in every position he played! The slide to home reminded me of last Sunday's sermon of the same name, complete with a Mariner jersey!

The objective of baseball is to get home, and be safe- SAFE AT HOME!
That is also the objective of salvation, "To arrive safe at home in heaven."
I want you to see how you can be SAFE AT HOME when you die.
To arrive "safe at home" you must TOUCH ALL THE BASES.

1st BASE: You must acknowledge you are a sinner. (Romans 3:10-23)
2nd BASE: You must believe Jesus died for YOUR sins (Romans 5:8)
3rd BASE: You must TRUST and RECEIVE Jesus Christ as your LORD and Savior (John 1:12; Acts 16:31)
HOME PLATE: The umpire's decision is FINAL! He decides who is SAFE and who is OUT.


The road home may be hard and long,
Storms may beat across my path;
Trusting Christ I can't go wrong.
He'll take me safe at home, at last.

My journey's end is coming near,
The years have come and passed;
There's nothing now I have to fear,
I'll soon be safe at home, at last.

There's no place as safe as home,
Secure from all Satan's blast;
As I enter heaven's gates, no more to roam,
I'll shout, "I'm safe at home, at last!"
-Al Hughes, April 18, 2009


Alice said...

That was a good message with a clear presentation of the gospel. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

And David's game tonight, well, of course I enjoyed that too!! He is so much fun to watch.

llaxton said...

Love the poem! And the message..