Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tortilla Flats, AZ

Yesterday we enjoyed lunch with Pastor Andy at Chili's (a RARE treat!), before taking a drive to see Tortilla Flats. We spotted these lovely cactus flowers at the motel before we headed out the winding road that Hwy 88 is!

Looking at the "foreign terrain", I was reminded of the old western "The Lone Ranger" and commented: "Hi Ho, Silver, and away!" Imagine my surprise to find the name of our destination was: the TONTO National Forest! At the roadside viewpoint, we caught a photo of a circling hawk overhead.

I was fascinated with the roadside "weeds" and took several shots of them with rock formations and cactus when there was space enough to stop the car on the road.

We "captured" a row of cacti as they formed a single line at the entrance to the old town, Tortilla Flats.

As we walked thru the old western town we passed some tourists sitting on the bench out front. One man commented on Al's South Kitsap Baseball T-shirt "South Kitsap!!! I'm from Port Townsend!" Small world!

We did not get any photos of the old west town, but surely enjoyed their fudge and ice cream before heading back down the winding road! It took 1 hr 15 min to drive the 15 miles down the winding mountain road, due to bicyclists blocking the way most of the trip. Awesome memories!

Today we head for Tombstone Territory for another western experience!


Alice said...

What an awesome place. It does look like the old westerns.
Seen any rattle-snakes?

Renea West said...

Wow! What a beautiful place. I hope you both had a great time in the sun.I like the little cactus

ScrapGirls Ro said...

Oh wow! I want a vacation, too. You should have brought me. Great weather and pretty locations. What could be better?

B.E.Hughes said...

Seen no rattlesnakes, but just arrived in Tombstone... rugged territory and the OK Corral is in our plans for the day!

Sally Ann said...

Awwww! Lucky! Soak up lots of sun, and share with me when you get back. OK? Looks like your having a great time!