Sunday, March 22, 2009

Take me out to the ballgame!

Our first date was at a ballgame in Detroit!

As soon as we knew we would be in AZ during spring training for the Mariners, we checked the schedule and got tickets for a game in Peoria! This was BEFORE we knew Griffey would return to our team! Oh, to see "THE KID" again!

Griffey sightings for seven innings! We sat three rows behind their dugout and saw his awesome smile often.

SO GLAD he came "HOME" to Seattle again! Score 8-5 Mariners!! WOW! [We left the game early because the 95 - 100 degree temps were a bit too foreign to us... can't take it!]


Renea West said...

Wow, It looks like you both had a great time at the game. I can't wait untill we can go to a game here. The sun looked really nice too.

Anonymous said...

Great pics, Mom! Can I steal them? :) Wish I could've gone to the game with you in the warm AZ sun...instead I'll be going in the cold WA rain! But I'll still have fun! :)

preacher said...

It is great to see Griffey back in a Mariner uniform. Our seats were right behind the Mariner dug out. We got within six feet of Griffey a couple of times. We were baking in the hot 95 degrees sun with no shade. We left after Griffey was taken out of the game in the seventh inning. I want to tell you... Jr. still has that sweet swing of the bat. He hit a double his second time at bat. Go "M's".

Alice said...

I am so anxious to watch an M's game. Only...not in 100' weather.

Georgia B said...

Love your blog...cant seem to connect with you email am trying this...glad you had a wonderful trip...always good to get home...write...Georgia B