Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just another warm night...

Last night before church we went to dinner with Pastor Wirtz family at the home of a family in their church. They have a lovely view of the Superstitious Mountain. This shot is from their back yard as the sun began to set. We were fascinated by the Saguaro cactus forest on the side of the mountain. You can almost see it in the middle of this photo. Before we left preacher and Andy's girls posed for me. Four lovely daughters... [HEY! Copy cats!]

The setting sun makes the mountain spectacular, doesn't it? This pic was taken from the church yard.
And then, this was the sun setting on a warm sunny day in AZ! (No wonder the mountains are so red!

THOT: I wondered why anyone would sleep IN and miss these beautiful sunrises... perhaps they don't want to miss the beautiful sunsets!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous scenery! You are doing a great job at taking awesome photos. :)

Andy's girls are so cute! :)

Alice said...

I love these pictures of Arizona. It is so pretty there. Like another world.
Bro. Andy's girls are so cute! The oldest looks just like him.
Miss you guys.