Saturday, March 7, 2009

Borrowed Recipe... a WINNER!

Hamburger Chowder

My online friend, Scrap Girl Ro, posted this recipe on her blog. [I am using her photo, because I was too busy cooking to take one!]

Roy was here while it simmered and had to leave before it was served, but he looked interested in "what's cooking" before he left. Al said it was tasty and excellent! Josh held off eating while working because he wanted to save room for the soup he had smelled as he left the house. The next morning he was raving on the soup he ate after 10 PM! EXCELLENT is the consensus!

My variation: I added a half cup of green peppers and a quarter cup of instant barley [added barley with the whole wheat noodles] .

The bay leaf and Worcestershire were wonderful flavorings! I am thinking of Italian and Mexican variations! Yummy and and INEXPENSIVE... you might have the ingredients on hand!

I hope YOUR FAMILY enjoys this quick, easy, inexpensive, yummy dish!


preacher said...

Take my word for it... IT IS DELICIOUS! Yummmm.

Alice said...

Looks good. I think I will make this on my day off this week. Or maybe even through it all together in my crockpot so it will be ready when I get home :D