Tuesday, February 10, 2009

No copyright

Recently a Digital Scrapping
friend related how she was removing her copyright from her blog writings and just wanted to be a blessing to others.  Today in my email, my husband's "thot for the day" said almost the same thing about God!


"Here is a great quote by S.M. Lockridge preaching about the Lord Jesus Christ:

"He precedes all others...He is Captain of the conquerors, Leader of the legislators, Hero of the heroes, King of princes and Lord of lords... He didn't have to put His signature at the corner of a sunrise because He's the owner… He didn't have to put His name on a laundry tag for the meadows...or carve His initials on the mountains or take out a copyright on the songs He gave the birds to sing."


God is the ultimate "artist"... take time to Thank HIM for your uniqueness today! Be thankful YOU are an original piece of God's handiwork. Be careful not to take credit for His work in your life! 

This awesome photo from a recent local weather report clearly shows God's handiwork in cloud formations around our majestic Mt Rainier. 

Don't you just love to look at His artistic works?  He does all things well... Without a copyright!


llaxton said...

That is one very nice and unique picture! Thanks for sharing both it and your thoughts with us this morning. Have a blessed day! ;)

Sally Ann said...

God takes His brush, and without any effort, He puts the clouds into the sky! Its beautiful!

Alice said...

Grace and I saw those exact cloud formations around Mt. Rainier one afternoon last year and thought there were UFO's hiding in them. When we got home and shared this with Dustin he googled it and found that those 3 UFO shaped clouds gather around the mountain ALL THE TIME. hmmmmm.

ScrapGirls Ro said...

Beautiful thoughts, Barb! I love the spin on the no copyright thing. So nice!