Thursday, January 8, 2009

I am inspired! Check this out!

For years we visited the Washington coast, stayed at our favorite cottage and ALWAYS visited the ANNA LENA QUILT SHOP... me, for the fabric "eye candy" fix, and Al for the homemade fudge fix.

This year the quilt shop closed. The owner retired to become an independent fabric designer and now works from her studio in her home. Since she has zero organizational skills, she searched for a way and lots of help to create a work room for herself. The link to her blog will give you details. For me, it was inspirational, because this year's primary goal is to find and utilize my home sewing and watercolor room into my studio again. I also lack organization skills, so her post is wonderful for me!

After all the January necessary demands with taxes, church events and all, my NEXT BIG TASK is to conquer "the room".  But first, today we must clear the garage for the three new doors that will be installed tomorrow. 

Be inspired! What do you need to organize this year?


Anonymous said...

I need to organize my garage and my bedroom and linen closets. By organize, I mean "get rid of stuff!" I think I will finally part with the footboard to my bed, since I'm sure I'll never find a way to attach it to my bed or find another use for it! Anyone want it?

Alice said...

Wow...I would LOVE a craft room like that!!!! I enjoyed your post, as well as hers. Thanks for the inspiration.

Lindsey Armstrong said...

That would be so cool!

ScrapGirls Ro said...

Love the colors (wink). So cool!